i was playing on my phone today when you texted me.

my heart stopped and i started shaking. i couldn’t move. i couldn’t form a coherent thought.

what would i say? that i miss you? that after all these months i still love you? what can one say to the one who broke their heart?

you apologized for breaking me, but i knew that that’s all we were going to talk about. that was it. no long conversation about missing each other, no conversation about what we’ve been thinking over these two months.

that was it. a ‘sorry’. i knew i was thinking selfishly, but i wanted more from you. i didn’t want you to stop texting me. i love you and i couldn’t tell you that.

so, here it is.

i love you, and don’t go. don’t stop talking to me. let’s smile at each other at school. let’s go back to what we were. i miss you. god, i miss you so much it hurts me at night and keeps me in a daze during the day.

come back, please.

i love you.


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